Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just one of those weeks, I guess...

Well last week started quite differently than usual, just got into work for an 8am start and noticed that one of my good buddies hadn't tuned in, which is pretty rare for him.

Around about 8.30am my manager came over to tell us all that Andy had been knocked down by a car just along the dock road here in Liverpool and that he wouldn't be in today. Well that kind've knocked us all for six, but I managed to get in contact with him at the hospital and find out that whilst sure he had pretty much wrecked some little red car, he was walking away without any head injuries, or broken bones. In fact the lucky git has only ended up with bruising all over his body. Still he's in quite a bit of pain and has yet to come back into work.

Then a day later, if you remember all those problems I was having with the management at work about my pay rise, I found out that it had all been overturned and that I would be getting everything that I had rightfully earned. So that was very nice indeed, as I now have an extra batch of money coming my way, as well as the pay rise and new job title also comes with increased opportunities.

Then to cap off the week, the wife and I went to Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre ( ) to take a look at getting some cats. Now Freshfields Rescue is a great little place that works in the best interests of the animals and in many ways operates more like an adoption agency than a cattery. Well both me and the wife were completly smitten by two of the felines, a black cat with white paws called Rhino, and a little grey tabby called Cooper! Within days we had the cats here at home and hey have been slowly getting used to the house and us. Once I get some batteries for the digital camera I'll get some photos of these two little guys!


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