Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hangover Blues!

Hmmm... playing poker last night with several of my friends, £5 buy in from everyone, pot ended up at £40. Nice little sum for a card game. I played very tight the whole way through, and when getting into the final three I was the short stack, with the other two left dwarfing my stake. Doubled up through them and quickly took the whole game with a fantastic Ace high flush! So money is not so tight this week.

But of course as with any decent poker game, alchohol was had by all. Pity their were no cigars to go with a bottle of wine, couple of bottles of beer, half a bottle of Jack Daniels well mixed with some coke, some vodka shots, and then oozo mixed with iced water. As such I am suffering this morning and could really do with going home and sleeping it all off, but unfortunately I'm stuck at work.

At least when I got up this morning the carts were being all cute, and Cooper fell asleep on my stomach for about a half hour.

Could just do with getting out of here! Why won't somebody just send me home! Damn this world!


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