Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another hiatus of months: no wonder no-one reads this!

Wow yet again I haven't updated this in months so here it is I'm back!

Over the last few months been having lots of upheaval in my life, personal and work related. Probably too much for the one post so I promise I'll start keeping this updated a bit more often.

So me and the wife have had a bit of a rocky patch, but things seem on the mend. One of those situations where everything needed to be aired out, and talked about or it would have festered away and eaten away all that was good about the relationship. Just hope that everything is going right.

Work on the other hand is one big pile of crud right now. I have been online for a 2 grand payrise, and all the managers have agreed I should get it. BUT... Human Resources have caught me out on a technicality that means I get screwed out of the pay rise. I've hit back with the act that company process wasn't followed and that the technicality is therefore invalid, but who knows if that means it will be overturned.

On the flipside my poker game has been pretty good as of late. Been playing for about the last decade or so, on and off. Not so stupid as to risk my finances on a card game. But the live games I've been playing recently have been good for me, generally raking in a couple of hundred each time. Going to one of the local casinos for the NL Hold 'Em tournaments next week. Only a £10 buy-in so no real loss if you I end up on some bad beats.


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