Friday, October 07, 2005

Dental Surgery

Well I finally had the op to sort out my teeth and by God it hurts!

I got dow to the dental hospital yesterday morning about 8.40am, and got to see the dentist about 9.15am. It being the university dental hospital it's a teaching hospital so I got the wonderful benefit of having a Sikh dental student try to extract 1 of the 2 teeth that needed to go. It took about 30 minutes for the local anaesthetic to kick in and the student tried to remove the molar, but clearly the anaesthetic hadn't worked fully as I suddenly started to get horrific pain along that tooth and nerve, so I had it stopped and got them to dope me up with something a bit more powerful, at which point I couldn't feel a thing of what they were doing. But the dentist took over from here. I felt kinda but for the Sikh fella as the only reason it had hurt was because the anaesthsia hadn't taken full effect, but he wasnt given a second chance!

So then the dentist pulled the molar and the wisdom tooth which took about 40 minutes of weird crunching sounds coming fom my mouth. actually it probably wasnt that long but as my first major dental work ( and God willing my last) it seemed to take forever, and was quite scary! They then stitched up the gaping holes and sent me on my way. After a couple of hours of constant bleeding in my mouth I called up the hospital again for advice and they asked me to come back in asap. Turned out that the lovely Irish dentist hadn't packed the wound for the molar before stitching, that was why it was still bleeding, so she removed the stitches, packed the wound and then stitched me back up. Once again I was sent on my way.

Since then, yes the bleeding has stopped! Hooray! And with the super strong painkillers I'm taking its keeping most of the pain under control. Still work up at 4 am this morning as my painkillers had all run out and my face was hurting like hell because of it! Oh yeah and one side of my face has all swollen up and is causing me to talk like a mong! I mean talk like a mong more than I usually do!

So thats about it for this week so far. I plan on spending the next few days recuperating! Hope everyone is well and I'll be back with you all as soon as I think of something worth saying!


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