Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Well not that any of you really care but my monged leg from straining it did not effect me at all when I went swimming earlier and managed a good 2 miles swimming before I decided it just wasnt worth it anymore.
So haha the damned annoying health kick continues!


So as part of my new years health kick I've been getting down the gym & pool everyday for the last week. The plan is to get a body like Adonis as soon as possible. But to just throw a spanner in the works, my body has decided to fuck with the plan.
Halfway down the 29th length of the pool, boom, all the muscles in my leg spasm and freeze up. Looks like the cause was pulling my left calf muscle. Luckily I'm tall enough that with my good leg I could just put my foot down and keep my head clear of the water. Hoppped back to the shallow end much to the amusement of the others in the pool.
Damned body rebelling against the plan to get fit. And the leg is still feeling a bit twitchy today. If it is causing problems in the pool later then may need to take a day or two off training. Dammit.