Saturday, January 29, 2005

so do YOU give blood?

Well a couple of months ago I went down to the Blood Donation Center to deposit a pint in my blood account. This was my first time, so the wife came with to make her own donation, but to also be there when I broke my donation cherry.
Well the butchers there decided to mangle my arms on the first try..."Well for some reason the left arm just isnt bleeding... Lets try the right! Ooops, sorry, we seem to have spearded right through the vein on the right arm!"
Speared right through the vein! Be more careful for Christs sake! So I was told to go away and come back again for another try in a few months. but if I cant give then to never darken their slaughter house again! All the while suffering under the merciless gaze of these blood draining harpies. How dare they look at me with those accusing eyes like I'm wasting their time! I'm trying to keep to my social duty and try to help out the overstretched blood service.
So last week my few month period was up, I go down and register again. They look at me like I'm wasting there time: "Oh he's back, let waste more medical equipment on that twat." Excuse me ladies but you stabbed right through my veins, it's your sodding fault I couldn't give blood. So they check again, spear my right arm, again, and then it starts to flow - a pint of my blood. Well I can say that I'm quite happy that I can give blood to the NHS, and help out just a little bit, but dammit those women annoyed me. And the bruise on my arm is massive. The bruise centres on where they slid the needle into my flesh and carries along the passage the vein takes going both up & down my arm. Damn butchers!
Ah well, be nice to me I gave blood this week!


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