Friday, January 21, 2005

The power of prayer?

Interesting thing happened today, I tried to pray for the first time in many years.
Being an Irish Catholic clearly my faith has lapsed somewhat, I just cannot handle the constant guilt and the almost certainty that the priest has a thing for young boys. But nonetheless having tried prayer and giving myself over to God when doing so I have been astounded by its effectiveness. That cook book that I couldnt find, as soon as I asked there it was! The wifes uni exam today - pray it goes OK, to then recieve a message from her rejoicing at how confident she felt coming out of the exam hall.
This has left me wondering whether God would allow this use for less than noble means... Dear God that annoying child who wont shut up on the bus, please inspire hos mother to smack him upside the head... Hmmm, I'll see later if that one works.


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