Saturday, January 29, 2005

Anime... You know its worth it

Well now to discuss one of my more pleasent pastimes: anime.

For those of you who dont know I'm a regular contributor of news and reviews on several UK Anime sites (most notably, come take a look around and say hello on our message boards).

Now anime is for some reason looked down upon in the West, especially in the UK where it is either unfairly associated with the mid-90's boom of titles such as Urotsikidoji, or with kiddy franchise shows such as Pokemon. This labelling has led to an unfortunately marginalisation of the genre, and can be seen almost everywhere. Not least of which was with the Oscar animated features nominees 2005. So what was in the running: Ghost In The Shell: Innocence; Blue Skies (aka Wonderful Days) alongside many others. What has beeen nominated? The Incredibles, Shrek 2 & A Sharks Tale. Wtf? A Sharks Tale? But that was shite. Which has been a shocking decision. If there is no clearer demonstration of the failures of the Oscar nomination process where it does not matter for quality but only for the size of the studio backing it. My comisserations go out to the valid entries in the animated feature that never made it to the nominations stage, and I hope that when Brad Bird picks up the award for the deservingly nominated Incredibles that he lambasts the academy for the poor showing of the breadth and diversity of animated features and only panders to the power of Disney & Dreamworks studios.

BTW at the moment the anime that I am working my way through are:
Cowboy Bebop - a classy, jazz influenced sci-fi title
Kino's Journey - an intrigueing and thought-provoking title that does not pander to the lowest common denominator
Witch Hunter Robin - a rather dissapointing supernatural title along the vein of Buffy or Charmed
Midori no Hibi - a hilarious tale about a tough guy looking for love and the girl with a secret crush on him. What happens when his right hand transforms into her?


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