Saturday, January 29, 2005

Anime... You know its worth it

Well now to discuss one of my more pleasent pastimes: anime.

For those of you who dont know I'm a regular contributor of news and reviews on several UK Anime sites (most notably, come take a look around and say hello on our message boards).

Now anime is for some reason looked down upon in the West, especially in the UK where it is either unfairly associated with the mid-90's boom of titles such as Urotsikidoji, or with kiddy franchise shows such as Pokemon. This labelling has led to an unfortunately marginalisation of the genre, and can be seen almost everywhere. Not least of which was with the Oscar animated features nominees 2005. So what was in the running: Ghost In The Shell: Innocence; Blue Skies (aka Wonderful Days) alongside many others. What has beeen nominated? The Incredibles, Shrek 2 & A Sharks Tale. Wtf? A Sharks Tale? But that was shite. Which has been a shocking decision. If there is no clearer demonstration of the failures of the Oscar nomination process where it does not matter for quality but only for the size of the studio backing it. My comisserations go out to the valid entries in the animated feature that never made it to the nominations stage, and I hope that when Brad Bird picks up the award for the deservingly nominated Incredibles that he lambasts the academy for the poor showing of the breadth and diversity of animated features and only panders to the power of Disney & Dreamworks studios.

BTW at the moment the anime that I am working my way through are:
Cowboy Bebop - a classy, jazz influenced sci-fi title
Kino's Journey - an intrigueing and thought-provoking title that does not pander to the lowest common denominator
Witch Hunter Robin - a rather dissapointing supernatural title along the vein of Buffy or Charmed
Midori no Hibi - a hilarious tale about a tough guy looking for love and the girl with a secret crush on him. What happens when his right hand transforms into her?

so do YOU give blood?

Well a couple of months ago I went down to the Blood Donation Center to deposit a pint in my blood account. This was my first time, so the wife came with to make her own donation, but to also be there when I broke my donation cherry.
Well the butchers there decided to mangle my arms on the first try..."Well for some reason the left arm just isnt bleeding... Lets try the right! Ooops, sorry, we seem to have spearded right through the vein on the right arm!"
Speared right through the vein! Be more careful for Christs sake! So I was told to go away and come back again for another try in a few months. but if I cant give then to never darken their slaughter house again! All the while suffering under the merciless gaze of these blood draining harpies. How dare they look at me with those accusing eyes like I'm wasting their time! I'm trying to keep to my social duty and try to help out the overstretched blood service.
So last week my few month period was up, I go down and register again. They look at me like I'm wasting there time: "Oh he's back, let waste more medical equipment on that twat." Excuse me ladies but you stabbed right through my veins, it's your sodding fault I couldn't give blood. So they check again, spear my right arm, again, and then it starts to flow - a pint of my blood. Well I can say that I'm quite happy that I can give blood to the NHS, and help out just a little bit, but dammit those women annoyed me. And the bruise on my arm is massive. The bruise centres on where they slid the needle into my flesh and carries along the passage the vein takes going both up & down my arm. Damn butchers!
Ah well, be nice to me I gave blood this week!

Friday, January 21, 2005

The power of prayer?

Interesting thing happened today, I tried to pray for the first time in many years.
Being an Irish Catholic clearly my faith has lapsed somewhat, I just cannot handle the constant guilt and the almost certainty that the priest has a thing for young boys. But nonetheless having tried prayer and giving myself over to God when doing so I have been astounded by its effectiveness. That cook book that I couldnt find, as soon as I asked there it was! The wifes uni exam today - pray it goes OK, to then recieve a message from her rejoicing at how confident she felt coming out of the exam hall.
This has left me wondering whether God would allow this use for less than noble means... Dear God that annoying child who wont shut up on the bus, please inspire hos mother to smack him upside the head... Hmmm, I'll see later if that one works.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

New Year Blues...

well it being the new year both me and the wife have decided to do something for our health. she's giving up the fags, and i'm on one of those low-carb doet thingies.

i's great our temprements have completely switched, se used to be angry but generally lazy now shes buzzing around with all this energy and getting far too many ideas about exciting things we could do - must be the higher blood oxygen, and the return of her taste & smell senses.

whilst i'm now like a bear with a sore head: no potatoes, no rice, no noodles, no sodding BREAD! wtf? how dare some twisted bastard of a dietician come up with this crazy sodding diet ban bread! but the waist size is dropping so it isnt all bad.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Cannibalism Day! WTF?

Well as I'm starting to learn this past wek my life is taking a turn for the absurd...
Not sure if anyone else has this but I've decided to live my life by the edicts of 'This Diary Will Change Your Life'. A surreal book that so far has had me claiming to be Jesus for the day, and the Pope didn't see fit to return my calls on that day, shame on you John Paul!
But today I have to eat a part of my loved one. ?!? Not entirely sure about this. Cannibalism day? Well the book does at least put in a disclaimer that I can just be a strand of hair or a fingernail. But I'm not so sure about this...
Well I'll keep you updated on all the new developmenst in my life. Lets see if this book really does change anything...

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Well what a happy new year this is!

Well a great start to 2005, came in overtime at work, 1 of 10 people in the ofice. The agreement for working today was that we were only dealing with total failure of telephone lines and with no TV faults. Of course that changed so now we are being hammered with every fault. And thre is only 10 of us in, usually there are at least 100 people in at all times. I hate the management, lying pack of bastards. They won't even honour the agreement even though I have it in writing.