Thursday, December 30, 2004

oooh, the first post...

Wow so this is the first post in this ongoing rant against just about anything, as well as my musings on all that I find just with the world...

So... End of one year, the commencement of the new and what has 2004 meant for the world, well we've had imperialistic wars, or 'liberations', a fair share of natural disasters, culminating in the current aid emergency in South-East Asia. In Britain we've had the continueing slide of all public services due to a government that finds it incapable to admit to having abandoned socialism completely, and needs to RAISE taxes. The environment has been just aout forgotten with many scientists claiming that following the Kyoto protocals was pointless as it would make no difference - the real problem being that the protocals dont go far enough. But then the river valleys in Borneo have just recently been found to have new species of life, sonew things are being found all the time.

Yes, I know it's rambling and quite random but you were warned by the title.


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