Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hangover Blues!

Hmmm... playing poker last night with several of my friends, £5 buy in from everyone, pot ended up at £40. Nice little sum for a card game. I played very tight the whole way through, and when getting into the final three I was the short stack, with the other two left dwarfing my stake. Doubled up through them and quickly took the whole game with a fantastic Ace high flush! So money is not so tight this week.

But of course as with any decent poker game, alchohol was had by all. Pity their were no cigars to go with a bottle of wine, couple of bottles of beer, half a bottle of Jack Daniels well mixed with some coke, some vodka shots, and then oozo mixed with iced water. As such I am suffering this morning and could really do with going home and sleeping it all off, but unfortunately I'm stuck at work.

At least when I got up this morning the carts were being all cute, and Cooper fell asleep on my stomach for about a half hour.

Could just do with getting out of here! Why won't somebody just send me home! Damn this world!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cats are so cool!

Well it's been a about 10 days since the cats arrived and they seem to be settling in just fine.

At first Cooper was quite timid and reserved, and spent the first couple of days hiding under the spare bed. Slowly he has come out of his shell, and is now really comfortable around the house. In fact he spends most of his time sitting on the front windowsill staring down the local street cats.

Rhino on the other hand, has been completely at home since he came out of the travelling cage. He has been running around, pouncing on things and generally being all sweetness. hat is until he tries to bite you. He can be a bit erratic at times, and rather jealous of attention not being lavished on him. Just last night he swiped at Cooper simply because one of my mates was stroking Cooper after having already met Rhino. Hopefully it is just him getting used to his new home, but I think I may have to break him of a few of his bad habits.

I will get photos of the boys once I get some batteries for the digital camera.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just one of those weeks, I guess...

Well last week started quite differently than usual, just got into work for an 8am start and noticed that one of my good buddies hadn't tuned in, which is pretty rare for him.

Around about 8.30am my manager came over to tell us all that Andy had been knocked down by a car just along the dock road here in Liverpool and that he wouldn't be in today. Well that kind've knocked us all for six, but I managed to get in contact with him at the hospital and find out that whilst sure he had pretty much wrecked some little red car, he was walking away without any head injuries, or broken bones. In fact the lucky git has only ended up with bruising all over his body. Still he's in quite a bit of pain and has yet to come back into work.

Then a day later, if you remember all those problems I was having with the management at work about my pay rise, I found out that it had all been overturned and that I would be getting everything that I had rightfully earned. So that was very nice indeed, as I now have an extra batch of money coming my way, as well as the pay rise and new job title also comes with increased opportunities.

Then to cap off the week, the wife and I went to Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre ( ) to take a look at getting some cats. Now Freshfields Rescue is a great little place that works in the best interests of the animals and in many ways operates more like an adoption agency than a cattery. Well both me and the wife were completly smitten by two of the felines, a black cat with white paws called Rhino, and a little grey tabby called Cooper! Within days we had the cats here at home and hey have been slowly getting used to the house and us. Once I get some batteries for the digital camera I'll get some photos of these two little guys!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another hiatus of months: no wonder no-one reads this!

Wow yet again I haven't updated this in months so here it is I'm back!

Over the last few months been having lots of upheaval in my life, personal and work related. Probably too much for the one post so I promise I'll start keeping this updated a bit more often.

So me and the wife have had a bit of a rocky patch, but things seem on the mend. One of those situations where everything needed to be aired out, and talked about or it would have festered away and eaten away all that was good about the relationship. Just hope that everything is going right.

Work on the other hand is one big pile of crud right now. I have been online for a 2 grand payrise, and all the managers have agreed I should get it. BUT... Human Resources have caught me out on a technicality that means I get screwed out of the pay rise. I've hit back with the act that company process wasn't followed and that the technicality is therefore invalid, but who knows if that means it will be overturned.

On the flipside my poker game has been pretty good as of late. Been playing for about the last decade or so, on and off. Not so stupid as to risk my finances on a card game. But the live games I've been playing recently have been good for me, generally raking in a couple of hundred each time. Going to one of the local casinos for the NL Hold 'Em tournaments next week. Only a £10 buy-in so no real loss if you I end up on some bad beats.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Dental Surgery

Well I finally had the op to sort out my teeth and by God it hurts!

I got dow to the dental hospital yesterday morning about 8.40am, and got to see the dentist about 9.15am. It being the university dental hospital it's a teaching hospital so I got the wonderful benefit of having a Sikh dental student try to extract 1 of the 2 teeth that needed to go. It took about 30 minutes for the local anaesthetic to kick in and the student tried to remove the molar, but clearly the anaesthetic hadn't worked fully as I suddenly started to get horrific pain along that tooth and nerve, so I had it stopped and got them to dope me up with something a bit more powerful, at which point I couldn't feel a thing of what they were doing. But the dentist took over from here. I felt kinda but for the Sikh fella as the only reason it had hurt was because the anaesthsia hadn't taken full effect, but he wasnt given a second chance!

So then the dentist pulled the molar and the wisdom tooth which took about 40 minutes of weird crunching sounds coming fom my mouth. actually it probably wasnt that long but as my first major dental work ( and God willing my last) it seemed to take forever, and was quite scary! They then stitched up the gaping holes and sent me on my way. After a couple of hours of constant bleeding in my mouth I called up the hospital again for advice and they asked me to come back in asap. Turned out that the lovely Irish dentist hadn't packed the wound for the molar before stitching, that was why it was still bleeding, so she removed the stitches, packed the wound and then stitched me back up. Once again I was sent on my way.

Since then, yes the bleeding has stopped! Hooray! And with the super strong painkillers I'm taking its keeping most of the pain under control. Still work up at 4 am this morning as my painkillers had all run out and my face was hurting like hell because of it! Oh yeah and one side of my face has all swollen up and is causing me to talk like a mong! I mean talk like a mong more than I usually do!

So thats about it for this week so far. I plan on spending the next few days recuperating! Hope everyone is well and I'll be back with you all as soon as I think of something worth saying!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I officially suck!

So once again a period of months between posts on here. Terrible isn't it? Forshame!

Well once again I have filled these last few months with new and exciting things like falling off mountains and toothache! OK, so it is quite clear that the above statement needs some further clarification.

Over the August bank holiday weekend, rather than being one of the hundreds of thousands of people who made their way through the awful traffic to attend one of the many music festivals me and the better half, along with a group of mates decided to go camping in Snowdonia and go scrambling! So for the most part a great day was had up until the final ascent where it turned into a bit of traditional climbing (for those of you who know the area it was the caernafon arrete). On that final bit, my mate Jules almost falls 400 foot off the side before taking the smarter option of roping in, and then when I was roped in, a little slip on some scree had me dangling by one arm and the rope off a 200 foot drop onto some lovely broken rocks! Some scary shit indeed! I would just like to give a big thanks to my mate Jim who was a fucking legend on the day and pretty much saved my life!

Oh yeah and then in the following week I got struck down with some awful toothache that if still ongoing as I am waiting on the dental surgery to fix a date for surgery so they can whip out the teeth. I wonder how long you should self medicate painkillers of aspirin and paracetemol before there are lasting issues?

Now I promise I will keep a more regular updating of the blog. No, really - I will. Don't look at me that way, I'm being serious. Oh screw you then for not believing me.

BTW justv wanted to pimp my mate David's new blog so heres the url:

C ya!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wel it's been awhile...

So for a blog this is being woefully underused.

What have I been up to since I last posted: still wasting time at my current employment (working in a call centre dealing with faults for a telecommunications company).
I moved house. That was a lot of effort and arguments between me and my better half. But seeing as this is the third tim we have moved together so we have come to expect the constant bickering and small-mindedness nthat comes along with one of the more stressful times of modern life.
Me and the better half have also finally gotten some places booked for the wedding (finally). We need to get all that sorted if we are gonna be able to get out to Japan in Febuary.

Some other stuff happened as well, but that doesnt come to mind right now, so until next time same Bat show, same Bat channel!